The Winery

In the heart and land of Montalcino was born Brunello di Montalcino Donna Olga. Donna Olga is taken from the name of Olga Peluso Centolani, a passionate woman of wine and a wine grower who has for years been involved with the production of wine. The estate, a little nature’s work of art, consists of 11 hectares, but only 4 of them are cultivated by Donna Olga with selected clones of Sangiovese Brunello and a density of more than 6.500 plants per hectare. Her love for the Tuscan countryside and nature with its cycle of seasons, its fruits, its mysteries, brings every year a production of 20.000 bottles of Brunello di Montalcino. Each one is an extraordinary combination of power and elegance, style and structure, harmony and longevity, and assures to all its estimators the unforgettable sensorial experience that only the Greatest Wines can give.